Paranormal Season 2

Hantu Tetek – Serpentine Racks and Deadly Butts

This is the episode Nikki and Kalai get to know the famous mythical creature from Malaysia that mesmerized Twitter with her breasts, the Hantu Tetek.

Sources: Jinn Fandom, Yahoo Singapore

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Who is the Hantu Tetek?

She is known as the breast ghost or nipple ghost.

According to legends, the Hantu Tetek Balinese witch, she’s kinda like the Leyak, covered the in a shorty before and they’re like THE Balinese witches, and the queen mother of the Leyak, Rangda is known for her big, pendulous breasts

but the Leyak can’t leave Bali to go to different parts of Indonesia,

So she might be a Malaysia version of Wewe Gombel, a creature I also covered in a shorty,

But yeah, Hantu Tetek, based on Malaysian literature and legends, is a Balinese witch.

So what does she look like

So she is described as an old woman who, at night, captures children or sometimes young men, but in order to trick these children or young men,

she would disguise herself as a beautiful young woman with smooth pale skin and big beautiful breast

and once you fall in love with her or fall for tricks, she will lead you into a dark alley where she will show her true self,

she has saggy, wrinkly skin full of warts all over her body and face,

She also has long sharp nails, and disgusting yellow teeth that are also sharp and she has a long sharp tongue

But she’s not going to kill you using her long sharp nail or her teeth or her tongue,

She’s going to kill you with her big saggy, almost snake-like titties,

Somebody call child protective services on her coz her method of killing is suffocating children with her big breasts.

She’s known to never leave any survivors since no one has claimed to have survived her breast attacks.

But in some stories, her breasts are not at the front where they usually are located but are at her back and she suffocates you by lying down on you and suffocating you with her breasts.

And in some stories, in her true form, her big breasts can become snake-like and can move on her command.

That’s gotta be some great muscle work.

That’s kinda cool though, you get mugged in the dark, you punch your attacker with your breast, they’re never gonna see it coming.

The Hantu Tetek is also featured in the Malaysian Horror Comedy film, Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah (Kak Limah’s Ghost Goes Home) 

Traditional Perankan Hindu dance portrays the Hantu Teteks as “devils with pendulous breasts” who are followers of Shiva who I also covered in a shorty if you wanna know more.

Hantu Tetek

Yo Malaysian Horror Comedy film, Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah (Kak Limah’s Ghost Goes Home)


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