A not so creepy intro

Creepy Conversations Kalai


Creepy Conversations Nikki

Nikki (formerly Gabby)

Creepy Conversations started in August 2018 when two long distance best friends decided they wanted to record their hilarious conversations and geek out on their interests – Asian lore, underrated true crime, controversies people are afraid to talk about, and crazy personal encounters.

The girls make time, on top of their full-time jobs, to research, record, edit, and get freaked out all for the love of this podcast. And with Kalai in Philippines, Nikki in Singapore, it’s not an easy feat.

They call each other and do everything on their mobile phones. Owning no laptops to post process and switching to different editing software (because they’re only on free trial), these bitches are being creative with their resources!

So if you’re into creepy things, frequent segues, fits of laughter and occasionally forgetting the words: rate, review, subscribe, and donate. Better yet, become a patron on Patreon for exclusive access to uncut episodes and bonus content.

Thanks for creeping you fucking creeper. And remember, the government is always watching!


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